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Volunteer Spotlight: Danielle Colson

Updated: Oct 2

Danielle Colson and husband Robbie on their wedding day

Danielle has always had a passion for helping others, both in her personal time and in

her career. As a young child, she volunteered in homeless shelters with her mom, organizing backpack, toiletries and sneaker drives. At work, Danielle is the Chief Operating Officer at Mantel, a startup working on carbon capture in industrial processes.

Danielle and her husband, Robbie live in Palm Beach Gardens. On their first date, Danielle told Robbie that she wanted 7 children (and he didn’t run away!), they got married a few months ago and plan to foster and adopt in the near future.

Danielle found Hands and Feet on a facebook page a few years ago when she lived out of state and helped to sponsor a few wishlists. Upon moving back to the area, she was very excited to get involved with the Guiding Hands program and help older children to shop for their necessities. Danielle looks forward to helping the organization and getting involved in more ways in the future.

Danielle is an incredible asset to our Guiding Hands program and has truly helped so many youth navigate the real world. We are so thankful for her and her incredible dedication to our program and the ways it has impacted so many!

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