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Impact Story: Supporting Hands

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Young girl smiles as she walks on a suspended bridge

A 5 year old named Christa entered care after being exposed to extreme domestic violence in her home. She was removed and placed in a newly licensed foster home and came with nothing more than a grocery bag of her belongings. Christa's foster mom requested clothes, school uniforms, and school supplies for her through our Broward branch. Katy, our amazing Co-Director, took the lead and provided everything this sweet little girl needed, even a bed tent that Christa could put on her bed to help her feel cozy and safe. When the items were delivered Christa lit up and immediately asked for the bed tent to be placed on her bed. She put pillows and blankets inside and immediately felt calm and safe after going through so much in her little life in the last few days.

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