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Walking 5 miles with 5 toddlers

Updated: Jun 20

Just days ago we posted a need of 5 toddlers who literally were walking 5 miles to daycare with their kinship caregiver. Because of things out of this kinship caregiver’s control she was struggling to meet all the needs of the 5 children who literally were just dropped to her.

Within hours you all stepped up HUGE after we posed this need to you all.

A new washer and dryer.

A brand new Wonderfold Wagon.

$500 in groceries.

Household items.

Clothing. Diapers. Toys. Formula. Hygiene.

So much more!

This is what you were able to provide in just mere hours. We are so incredibly proud of the way you all step up and never once waver. We have since delivered everything to this family and they are doing incredibly well! They are working on getting daycare closer to home, no longer have to travel to get their clothes cleaned, and the children are over the moon excited with all their new belongings! What a joy it is to serve children locally who just need the support and care of others.

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